A Systematic Approach to Optimizing SDI Operation and Maintenance

Abstract: An SDI system represents a significant investment which can reap substantial benefits if managed properly. Assuming system selection, design and installation were appropriate, proactive operation and maintenance techniques should be adopted to optimize SDI system performance. The discussion will focus on systematically addressing five critical Operation and Maintenance topics, and will draw upon both old and important new information recently published by leading universities, associations and companies..

The topics include:

  1. Establish baseline readings
  2. Monitor key system operating parameters
  3. Perform key maintenance activities routinely
  4. Apply fertilizers and chemicals properly
  5. Schedule irrigations strategically.

Data from these activities should be collected and organized such that trends may be monitored and adjustments in technique or frequency be made as necessary to optimize system and crop performance. Mastery of these and more advanced topics will very likely reap substantial increases in profitability, reduction of resource use, and sustainable success.


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